Troubleshooting Tips & User FAQ

In Backup Settings, the list of “Your View of Universal Analytics” does not appear and remains in the “Loading” state indefinitely.

  • Is there any mistake in enabling APIs for your Google Cloud application?
    Are both “Google Analytics Reporting API” and “Google Analytics API” enabled?
    Setup Guide [4. Google API Integration]
  • Check the PHP memory limit in your server configuration. Might it be too low?
    Preparation Guide [Step2-4 Adjusting the Server Environment]

Backup is not progressing at all.

  • Review your server settings. Is the PHP memory_limit set too low or is the max_execution_time too short?
    Preparation Guide [Step2-4 Adjusting the Server Environment]

I selected a wrong view. Can I stop the backup?

  • Unfortunately, once a backup is started, there is no option to stop it. However, you can prioritize other views and postpone the backup for the wrong view.
    Setup Guide [6. Backup Status and Additional Download]

In Universal Analytics, I can see the data, but in Analytics Backup by QA, it displays “0.” Why is this happening?

  • When an error is returned from Google API, Analytics Backup by QA will skip that data and continue with the backup process. It will retrieve this data again after the status shows the backup is completed. Therefore, please allow some time before checking the data again.
    Usage Precautions
  • Analytics Backup by QA fetches data using the Google API. It’s highly probable that the API is returning a value of “0,” and this is not a software issue.
    You may want to verify the values returned by the Google API, possibly by integrating Google Sheets with the API.
    Usage Precautions
    While this is not a bug in our software, your contribution in reporting such cases would be greatly appreciated. Please share any information on what conditions empty values are returned from Google API to our support team. Your assistance in identifying these conditions may lead to improvements in our software.