Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) govern the use of the “Analytics Backup by QA” service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) provided by WebJobs, Inc.

By using the Service, you (“you” or “your”) are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use. Before using the Service, please review the contents of these Terms of Use.

This English version of the Terms of Use is provided for the convenience of the customers. The Japanese version shall be considered the definitive version, and it shall take precedence.

Usage Precautions

Overview of the Service:

The Service is a batch data migration and backup solution for all property view data owned by Google Universal Analytics.

Please note that this service is subject to a fee.

Through the API, data from Google Universal Analytics can be downloaded.

You can use this service as a data backup for Google Universal Analytics in anticipation of Google Universal Analytics discontinuing its own service.

Furthermore, this service includes an Analytics Backup by QA license and personalized email support (technical support) until July 1, 2024 (end of Google Universal Analytics platform).

Use of the Service:

These Terms of Use shall apply once the user completes payment for the Service, and upon our acceptance and confirmation, we will provide the necessary license key and the Service zip file download link.

In the event that a user of the Service is found to fall into any of the following categories, we may not approve the use of the Service, and we are not obliged to disclose the reason for such disapproval:

  • If the user has previously violated these Terms of Use or other terms stipulated by the Company
  • If there is any false statement or misdescription in the application or registration for use
  • In any other cases where the Company deems the user to be unsuitable

Even after providing consent for use, the Company reserves the right to withdraw its consent if it is later discovered that the user falls into any of the above categories.

The Company grants the use of the Service to the website service managed, operated, and used by the user himself/herself, subject to the conditions specified in these Terms of Use.

Provided that you comply with these Terms, we grant you a limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive right to use the Services and Content in connection with your website and Services.

The Services are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0 or later unless otherwise specified.

Users are free to modify the program, but we do not guarantee any defects resulting from such modifications. The user agrees that any modification of the source code is done at their own risk.

No copyright is granted for this software. If you modify the source code, you must comply with the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Users are responsible for preparing and managing the computer equipment and environment necessary to use the Service at their own expense and responsibility. The Company shall not be liable for any unavailability of the Service due to malfunction of the user’s computer equipment or environment.

The Service utilizes Google Analytics API to acquire data. Users must have and be able to use a Google Universal Analytics account provided by Google LLC. By using the Service, you agree to accept and comply with the terms and conditions of use (“Google Terms of Use”) set forth by Google LLC that are required for the use of Google Universal Analytics. You also agree to comply with and abide by the Google Universal Analytics Terms of Service (“Google Terms of Service”).

Management of User ID and Password and License Key:

When using this service, the user must register their email address to obtain a license key.

Users are responsible for the management and security of their user IDs and issued license keys. They must not share, lend, transfer, sell, or otherwise provide them to third parties.

The user is liable for any damages resulting from inadequate management of the user ID and license key, and the Company will not be held responsible for any such damages.

Usage Fees:

In consideration of using the Service, the User shall pay the Company a separately determined fee ( https://ga-backup.com ) by credit card.

This service is a buy-out service, and no additional fees will be charged for updates, etc.

Payment by credit card:

If you prefer to pay by credit card, we will direct you to the cart page after receiving your purchase order. Please complete your credit card payment from the cart page to which we will guide you. After confirming the completion of payment, we will process the delivery of the license key and other necessary documents.

In the event of late payment of the usage fee, the user shall pay a late fee at the rate of 14.6% per annum.

Fees are subject to change without notice.

Return Policy for Software and Services:

No refund or cancellation will be accepted after payment for this service or issuance of the license key by us. However, this excludes cases in which one of the following events occurs due to reasons not attributable to the user:

  • If the Company sends an incorrect license key or zip file to the User, or the product of the Service is found to be initially defective, and the Company receives a notification from the User to that effect in accordance with the Company’s procedures within 7 days after the receipt of the license key in principle
  • When there is a defect in the Service, and we are contacted by the User within 7 days of receipt of the license key, and we confirm that the User has not performed any data transfer
  • When the Company decides to accept the cancellation or return of the product due to recall or other circumstances of the Company, and the Company accepts such conditions
  • When payment has been completed prior to the acceptance of these terms and conditions and no license key has been issued


This service includes individual email support (technical support) from the date of starting to use the service until July 1, 2024 (end date of Google Universal Analytics platform). However, actual work, such as building a backup environment, is not covered by the support.

After July 2, 2024, support will only be provided for product defects in this service.

Supported Versions:

The supported operating environment includes PHP 7.4 or higher and WordPress versions 5.9 to 6.2. Please refrain from upgrading PHP and WordPress beyond the supported versions listed above after completing the backup process.

Cooperation with External Software:

This service includes a function to integrate with external software.

The authentication information required for linking with external software is the account of the external software vendor used and managed by the user. The user must use the linking function with external software based on the terms of use between the user and the external software vendor, and comply with these terms of use.

The Company does not guarantee or support the products or services of external software vendors that are linked to the Service. Users are responsible for the linking with external software. The Company does not guarantee the continuous availability of the linking functionality with external software and may discontinue providing the linking functionality service without entitling the user to any refund or other compensation if the external software discontinues linking with the external service (including but not limited to this example) or otherwise makes it difficult to provide the linking functionality service. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to suspend the provision of linked function services without giving users the right to receive a refund or other compensation.

We shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the use of your account or other authentication information by a third party.

Expiration Date of the Service:

The term of validity of the Service begins on the date of issuance of the license key.

The license for the Service is a perpetual license, meaning that product updates will be automatically provided indefinitely as long as the Service and the Company continue to operate.

Individual email support included in this service is available until July 1, 2024. After that date, support will be limited to product defects. However, users have the option to receive individual support by entering into a separate support agreement.


We will notify users of any necessary information on this site ( https://ga-backup.com ), on users’ WordPress management screens, and on social networking services operated by our company.

Stopping this service:

This service is provided as a WordPress plugin.

Users can stop using this service by deactivating or deleting the plugin themselves.

In addition, the Company may suspend or discontinue all or part of the Service without prior notice to the user for any of the following reasons, and in such cases, the Company shall not guarantee the retention of any data:

  • During maintenance, inspection, or updating of the computer system related to this service
  • When the provision of this service becomes difficult due to force majeure events such as earthquakes, lightning, fire, power outage, or natural disasters
  • In the event of accidents leading to the shutdown of computers, communication lines, etc.
  • When the provision of this service becomes impossible due to changes in the external environment
  • In any other cases where the Company deems it difficult to provide the Service

The Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantage or damage incurred by the user or a third party as a result of the suspension or interruption of the provision of this service, regardless of the reason.

About the Data of this Service:

In alignment with the concept of data ownership, we strictly prohibit any one company from monopolizing personal data.

In this service, all user data remains on the user’s server, and we do not have access to any of that information.

Once the plugin for this service is installed on your WordPress website and you authorize it to start collecting data by linking with Google Analytics API, the Google Universal Analytics data will be stored on your server.

The data obtained through Google Analytics API and viewable in this service includes the following:

Data for reports and goals (including event goals), such as the number of completed goals and target values

  • User and Device Category
  • Channels
  • Source/Medium
  • Landing pages, including page 2
  • All pages
  • Conversion summary

CSV Download

  • Items and categories sold in EC (including LPs)
  • Age/Gender
  • Region/Source/Medium
  • Site search keywords (list for all time periods)

Data Storage:

The data collected is saved as a file. This data is mostly raw data and can be stored permanently if the user chooses to save the file themselves. The data storage format will be made available by December 31, 2023.

Personal Information:

To provide this service, the Company collects the user’s email address and other information entered by the user in the input form specified by the Company, along with access logs and cookies.

The personal information and personal data of users held by the Company will be acquired, managed, retained, and used in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy ( https://quarka.org/privacy-policy ).

Attribution of Rights and License:

All intellectual property rights related to the Service and this Site belong to the Company. The license to use the Service does not grant any rights to use the Company’s intellectual property rights in the Service or the Site.

Regarding feedback comment data written by users, all copyrights are transferred to our company at the time of writing by the user, allowing our company to use the feedback comment data for business purposes (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act, which are also transferred to our company).

However, we grant permission to the user who wrote the feedback comment to use the data for their own personal use. The user agrees not to claim or exercise any rights against the Company or any party designated by the Company regarding the ownership of the rights to the data in the feedback comments.

Prohibited Matters:

In using the Service, you shall refrain from engaging in any of the following acts or acts that may fall under any of the following:

  • Actions that infringe or may infringe the intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademarks of the Company, other users, or third parties
  • Actions that infringe or may infringe the property, privacy, or portrait rights of others
  • Providing personal information of a specific individual without authorization
  • Creating and maintaining multiple accounts as a single user or jointly holding a single account with multiple users
  • Obtaining an account in place of a user whose account has been suspended or invalidated
  • Discriminating, defaming others, or damaging the reputation or credibility of others
  • Altering or deleting accessible contents or information of the Service or contents or information of others
  • Impersonating the Company or others
  • Transmitting harmful computer programs, etc., or making them available for others to receive
  • Violating the Public Offices Election Law
  • Engaging in unauthorized advertising, publicity, solicitation, or sales activities on the Service
  • Sending unsolicited emails for advertising, promotion, solicitation, etc., or forwarding chain emails or emails in response to such requests
  • Actions that overload the server beyond the normal use of this service or encourage such overloading, or other actions that interfere with or impede the operation or provision of this service, or the use of this service by other users
  • Distributing information, equipment, software, etc. to disable or circumvent the access control functions of servers, etc.
  • Any act of copying, modifying, reproducing, altering, reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling, translating, or analyzing the functions provided by the Services beyond the scope permitted by the GNU General Public License version 2.0 or any later version
  • Obtaining the registration information of others without their consent or by fraudulent means, including phishing and similar methods
  • Using the Service, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, regardless of the method of use
  • Actions of using the Service without following procedures required by law, such as notification to regulatory authorities, acquisition of permits and approvals, or other acts that violate or may violate such laws and regulations.
  • Acts that obstruct the operation of the Service, interfere with the exchange or sharing of information initiated by others, or cause disadvantages to the Company or others, such as damage to reputation or infringement of property rights, etc.
  • Actions that violate laws and regulations or these Terms of Use, or that offend public order and morals
  • Actions that directly or indirectly cause or facilitate any of the aforementioned actions
  • Any other acts that the Company deems inappropriate as a user


Neither the User nor the Company shall disclose or divulge to any third party, without the prior written consent of the other party, any trade secrets, technology, know-how, or other confidential information related to the Service that they have obtained during or after the provision of the Service. This confidentiality obligation applies both during and after the provision of the Service.

The Company shall not disclose or divulge to any third party any trade secrets, technology, know-how, or other confidential information related to the Service during or after the provision of the Service without the prior written consent of the User. The Company is also bound by the confidentiality obligation to protect the User’s confidential information.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions, or any part thereof, is held invalid or illegal in any jurisdiction pursuant to the Consumer Contract Act or other laws or regulations, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

Disclaimer of Liability:

The use of the Service does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc., of information obtained as site access data and behavioral data. It is not warranted that the information be suitable for the specific purpose of the user, meet the expected level of performance, or avoid problems such as slowdowns in the operation speed of the Service or failures. Furthermore, no warranty, express or implied, is made regarding the ability to back up all site data or the Service’s conformity to laws, guidelines, or internal regulations of industry associations applicable to users.

Additionally, the Company shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from the use of this service.

The Company will not be involved in any communications or activities between users. If any dispute or problem arises between users or between a user and a third party in the course of using the Service, the Company will not be involved in any way and shall not be responsible for resolving such dispute or problem at its own expense.

Product Warranty:

We warrant that this software, when properly licensed, will operate in the environment recommended by us in the setup manual. However, this warranty does not cover problems caused by the user, issues arising from the user’s failure to follow instructions, or problems resulting from matters beyond our reasonable control.

This warranty is effective from the date of software acquisition and will remain valid for a period of three (3) years after the end of the sale, which is expected to be July 1, 2024.

After the above period, the acquired backup data can still be viewed as long as there are no changes to the operating environment. Please note that the warranty only covers the software’s proper operation in the recommended environment and does not extend to user-caused issues or changes beyond our control.

Modification of these Terms and Conditions:

The Company reserves the right to change the contents of this Agreement at any time and at its discretion. Any changes to these Terms of Use will be posted on the site ( https://ga-backup.com ) and will become effective at the time they are posted.

Governing Law, Consultation, and Agreed Jurisdiction:

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. 

In the event that any matter is not stipulated in these Terms of Use or any question arises regarding the interpretation of these Terms of Use, a resolution shall be promptly reached through consultation.

In the event that a lawsuit becomes necessary between a user and the Company, the summary court or district court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office (Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture) shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction for the first hearing.

Usage Precautions

Please note the following considerations due to limitations in the browsing environment and Google Analytics API restrictions.

If you come across any issues or have insights into resolving significant problems, feel free to reach out to us using the inquiry form.

Specification and Precaution #01:

In cases where a large amount of data is involved, and even when retrieving data on a daily basis, if sampling is applied, the sampled data will be saved. (The screen will display “Sampling enabled” in such cases.)

Specification and Precaution #02:

Data exceeding 10,000 rows for the display within the selected period is not guaranteed for stable UI performance. (We recommend CSV download from the UI in such cases.)

Specification and Precaution #03:

Data exceeding 30,000 rows per day (e.g., 30,000 pages or more referrals in a day) cannot be backed up due to Google API restrictions and stable operation. The data will be retrieved up to a maximum of 30,000 URLs* in descending order based on the number of traffics.

*Depending on the website’s traffic, the number of URLs retrieved might be lower than 30,000, and it could reach approximately 12,000 URLs as a lower limit. The URLs include those with parameters (except when excluded by filters in the view).

To check the maximum number of URLs for the backup target view in a day, refer to the “All Pages” report in Universal Analytics, which displays the number of URLs. Please check the number of rows of URLs for the day with the highest traffic.

Specification and Precaution #04:

When using servers with less than the recommended memory capacity (less than 4GB), retrieving the maximum of 30,000 URLs per day, as allowed by the API specifications, may result in memory errors. To address this, Analytics Backup by QA operates automatically in a stable mode that conserves server memory.

The number of URLs to be retrieved depends on the memory_limit value as follows:

memory_limit value1-day URL retrieval
(approximate range)
256M or more1000-3000 URLs
512M or more2000-5000 URLs
1000M or more3200-8000 URLs
2000M or more4000-10000 URLs
3500M or more10000-30000 URLs

The daily retrieval estimate of URLs can be checked by referring to the “All Pages” report in Universal Analytics. In the report, you can find the data for the day with the highest traffic. Select that date and make a note of the number of URLs for your reference.

Please note that the number of URLs retrievable can vary based on your site’s traffic conditions. (See #03.)

Specification and Precaution #05:

In Universal Analytics, user-level information (e.g., device category) will be deleted according to the specified data retention period.


While data such as acquisition channels may still be retrievable beyond the retention period, user-based dimensions and metrics that have exceeded the retention period will be displayed as “(deleted)” in Analytics Backup by QA.

Specification and Precaution #06:

When specifying detailed dimensions, an issue may arise where the Google Analytics API returns a value of 0 instead of an error. This issue occurs primarily for the following reasons:

  • When attempting to retrieve user-related dimensions that have already been deleted due to data retention periods having expired (most common reason).
  • When trying to retrieve dimensions related to acquisition sources, media, or other information that does not exist due to suspicious access from overseas or low-traffic sites.

In such cases, Analytics Backup by QA takes a two-stage approach to retrieve the data. In the first stage, user-related dimensions are excluded, resulting in the following state for each table:

【State of Each Table Data in the First Stage】

Access Count GraphAll data will be retrieved.
Goal OverviewAll data will be retrieved.
Source/MediumAll data will be retrieved except for user-related dimensions.
ChannelsAll data will be retrieved except for user-related dimensions.
Gender/AgeAll data will be retrieved if user-related data exists.
RegionAll data will be retrieved except for user-related dimensions.
Landing PagesAll data will be retrieved except for user-related dimensions.
All PagesAll data will be retrieved except for user-related dimensions.

【Deleted User-Related Dimensions】

  • User Type
  • Device Category

If necessary data is still missing after the first stage, Analytics Backup by QA proceeds to the second stage. In this stage, the following three tables are affected:

【Changes in the Three Tables in the Second Stage】

Region TableData saved includes pageviews, sessions, users, bounce rate, average session duration, goal completions, transactions, and revenue for each region.
Landing Pages TableData saved includes pageviews, sessions, users, bounce rate, average session duration, goal completions, transactions, and revenue for each landing page URL and the second-page URL.
All Pages TableData saved includes pageviews, sessions, users, bounce rate, exit rate, average session duration, unique pageviews, and page value for each page URL.

Please be aware that even during the second stage, there may be situations where certain dimensions remain inaccessible, especially when dealing with instances of suspicious traffic from foreign sources. While this occurrence is rare, it can be identified by checking the region-specific data.